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DiversityTodayConsulting is a southwestern based management group and one of the first to introduce structural racism training.  Formed in 2000, a Gideon Group company with more than 75 years of combined human resources, diversity & inclusion, diversity recruitment, training and development, culture and train-the-trainer experience we assess, create and deliver programs and initiatives.

Focusing on building and growing diverse talent, DiversityTodayConsulting collaborates with organizations to implement and meet responsive and comprehensive diversity, equity and inclusion programs and initiatives.

The DiversityTodayConsulting team will help you develop and implement diversity recruitment and talent acquisition goals, including identifying diverse new talent with specific skill sets in sales, engineering, IT and general management and integrate new hires into the organization’s culture to support desired retention goals at all levels.


DiversityTodayConsulting expertly provides advice that leads to fostering change in the workplace. We are uniquely equipped to facilitate anti-bias training and racial bias courses for leaders at the vice president level and above for managing conversations related to racial equity, unconscious bias, racial discomfort to increase diversity and improve cultural awareness.  We will work with you to develop and implement a diversity, equity and inclusion leadership council.

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