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About Us

DiversityTodayConsulting helps organizations develop, communicate, and integrate diversity, equity and inclusion, and cultural awareness strategies to shape the current workplace.  Our areas of expertise include Global & Cultural Diversity, Coaching & Leadership Development, Training & Organizational Accountability and Diversity Recruitment.  We can help you be more responsive in assessing, developing, training and managing your organization's diversity, equity and inclusion challenges.  We are a full-service, training, human resources and recruitment consulting firm.

Management Team

Our Management team members include:

Connie Robinson

COO, Chief Operating Officer

As a consultant and executive with DiversityTodayConsulting, Ms. Robinson has over 25 years of Human Resource experience. Using her skills in leadership Connie helps global companies move diverse candidates within the organization that contributes to people growth and the bottom line. For her work, she received the highest honor - the President’s Award in a non-technical role.  


Connie leads in HR, executive search and diversity recruitment; specifically, developing recruitment preparation and measurement objectives for Fortune 500 corporate, manufacturing, judicial, non-profit and retail companies.  

She delivers innovative and integrated diversity recruitment processes that expand opportunities for diverse employees, helping companies identify and advance diverse candidates while exceeding hiring goals.  She is consistently successful building human resources strategies focused on diversity, organizational and cultural growth.

Connie is a management graduate from Arizona State University and Philanthropy and Leadership graduate sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Carlian Dawson

Director, Training and Education

A leader, consultant and executive with DiversityTodayConsulting in diversity education,  Carlian W. Dawson, Ed.D is the Director of Training and Organizational Development and has nearly 30 years’ experience including education and management consulting.  A leader in diversity education, Calian is a skilled facilitator and builder of leadership teams for businesses, school districts, post-secondary institutions and faith-based organizations.  

Her clients range from corporate CEOs to government officials to educational leaders. Senior management, supervisors and professionals have benefited from her skillful coaching, and training and development techniques.


Carlian has also been recognized for her organization and leadership development, efficacy-based training, neurosequential modeling and structural racism skills, and trainer of trainers for trauma informed practices.  She facilitates a positive working atmosphere where people become goal-focused and feel vested in policy, establishing a win-win relationship. 

Dr. Dawson has a Master's Degree from Arizona State University and a Doctorate in Education from Illinois State University.

Roy T. Dawson

Director, Executive Leadership and Organizational Development 

Roy T. Dawson is the Chief Human Resource Officer of the Gideon Group. He began his professional career with the City of Los Angeles and transitioned from public service to the private sector  when he accepted a position with the Honeywell Corporation.


In 1988, the United Technologies Corporation recruited Roy to serve as executive leader for HR in 13 European and Asian countries,as well as, the United States and the Caribbean. Over his career as a global HR leader, he was a pioneering expert in the fields of Change Management, Diversity and Global Executive Leadership Development. Today, Roy Dawson is a consultant.

As a retired Aerospace Executive, Roy, is an active and committed member of the board of directors of  the Arizona Center for African American Resources, where he serves as a Volunteer Child and Family Advocate. From this role he has shown how tools and techniques used in the private sector can be applied to help solve problems in public and community service.

Mr. Dawson has an MBA from Pepperdine University, with certificates in International Management, and Executive Leadership from Thunderbird School of Global Management, Duke University and the University of Virginia.

Sheneka Coleman

Project Director

Sheneka Coleman has 20 years of experience as a consultant and executive driving organizational transformation by helping companies translate key business initiatives into actionable systems and processes.  

Having worked for Fortune 500 corporations and government entities, Sheneka has considerable experience executing and managing change throughout organizations. 

She has managed and implemented global initiatives in the United States, Europe, and Asia with a keen awareness of cultural norms and practices. She delivers consistent and transforming programs that communicate changes to systems, people, and culture.

Sheneka has an Electrical Engineering graduate from Morgan State University, a certification in project management from George Washington University, and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. 

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